Starting in 2009, as a Makeup Artist, Chum has moved into predominately sound department roles, and has worked on a number of productions.

He has worked with a range of mediums, mainly focusing on digital mediums, including RED, Arri Alexa, 5D Mk II & 7D, Super 16mm, 35mm 2-perf to 4-perf, Panasonic AG-AF100 and Sony HVR-Z7, PMW-F3 & NEX-FS100.

Chum believes that his understanding and experience in varied and different roles within film production leads to greater understanding as to how they fit into the making of the film, making him more adaptable to any situation. As always, his motto is “anything for the film”, and he is typified by having a motivational drive like no other, being an extremely hard working, precise and expeditious, often taking on more than one role at a time, incredibly versatile, a complete team player, and with utter determination to make the director’s vision a reality. Few can surpass Chum’s will to make a film succeed.

For enquiries into hiring gear, Chum also possesses a full HDSLR production kit (not including lights), including rigs, cameras, lenses, tripods, full compliment of sound equipment and a range of accessories.

For more information please select a link from the above drop down menu ‘Film’.

Please Note: Currently, Chum is engaged in academic work and will only work for or hire out his gear for either special circumstances and/or short term projects, and only at full rates, no exceptions. Please contact him on if you feel your project meets this criteria.


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