Welcome to Chum’s new self-obsession

Hullo, and welcome to my new website. If you want to learn more about me please visit the About & Contact page above. Otherwise, admire the shiny bareness of it all (although I did update the gallery to include the best stills from 2010, check them out and if you want me to “chumify” your film as well don’t hesitate to contact me).

On another note, it has been another tiring day having just come off the final day of principal photography on Amir Rezaie’s upcoming short film, “One Whispers, the Other Shouts” starring Lee Mclenaghan, Julia Harari and Nick Brien, all of which are beautiful people. There were some trying times and some moments when God’s wrath brought us near to tears, but, due to the bulldozing mentality of the core production team, made of up of Amir, himself (in… as he says… fifteen different roles), the indomitable Brendan Krotz on Camera and Lighting and myself on Sound, we managed to complete the filming on time, albeit with a bit of overtime involved.

“One Whispers, the Other Shouts” is a slow and subversive film about the power struggles of neo-feminist female archetypes and the paternalistic role of man, with a little bit of psychotic delusion mixed in. I was impressed by the complexity of the shots and am looking forward to seeing a deep and complex short in the next six months from the man.

And here, now, is a shot I took with my now, sadly, deceased Konica FS-1 (the last SLR to be made my Konica, officially, before they declared insolvency and promptly got snatched up by Minolta). Sunrise at 30,000ft shot out the side of a plane on the way the Rome via Singapore. Kind of poetic I suppose, as it ushers in the dawn of this measly website.


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